Blocks are raining down upon you; survive as long as you can!

As your Vanquish Bar fills, you can eliminate blocks one at a time, or wait until its filled to unleash your true power. Don't get squished! Use your Rewind power at the right time to avoid certain death.

Gray blocks can't be destroyed; watch out for those. Power-ups will help fill your Vanquish Bar, so don't miss them!

*Controller Recommended*

Move = A/D (Keyboard), Left/Right (Gamepad)
Jump = Spacebar (Keyboard), A Button (Gamepad)
Vanquish Blocks = Z (Keyboard), B button (Gamepad)
Rewind (if glowing!) = C (Keyboard), X Button (Gamepad)

Blocket Hell was developed for both Brackeys Jam 2020.2 and LOWREZJAM 2020. An upgraded version featuring a versus mode has been submitted for LOWREZJAM; check it out here:

Find us on Twitter: @AC_GameStudios and @colegamedesign. Music: "Beatles Unite" by Rachel K Collier, YouTube Audio Library.


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